Close Black Steel Nipple

  • Close Black Steel Nipple

Close Black Steel Nipple

Top of The Line Quality Black Pipe Fittings

This industrial grade pipe can be used in multiple applications for example, they can be connected with other pipes that have threads for the transportation of gas in commercial and domestic areas. Our premium quality black pipes provide protection against leakage and carrion, making them highly useful in bad environmental conditions and areas. It is specially manufactured to hold two pipes together to transport liquid or gas directly. Thanks to its grove fitting you can easily attach it to any fittings.

One of The Toughest Material

This pipe is made from one of the toughest materials making one of the best choice for any plumber looking g to install fittings at your home. We have made these pipes using only the best and purest form of iron that’s why they can stand all types of conditions and last for a long period of time under hazardous conditions and areas.


• Weights: 0.150 LBS (depends upon size and length)

• Length: 1-1/2 (depends upon order)

• Material: Pure Black iron

Connection Type: 

• Threaded


• 100% guaranteed pressure tested before leaving the factory

• Available for servicing 150 psi and 400 psi applications

• Can be used to repair broken and damaged fittings

• Meets all applicable ASTM and ANSI standards

• Can be easily used for both liquid and gas applications

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Specification Value
WEIGHT 0.150
LENGTH X Close (1-1/2")
SHAPE Nipple
BOXCASE 50/200