Black Steel Nipple 1/2" Diameter

  • Black Steel Nipple 1/2" Diameter

Black Steel Nipple 1/2" Diameter

Superior Quality Black carbon steel Nipple of 1/2 diameter

The basic pattern of steel pipe nipple of length X Close (1-1/8") and weight 0.08 LBs is a short piece of pipe with a diameter of 1/2 diameter and with threads at both the end. This basic type is also called as the barrel nipple or pipe nipple. The threads at both the ends provide an option for the attachments of other fittings of same or different diameters after applying a small amount of pipe joint compound on the threads.


Simply made up of black carbon steel, its function is to connect pipes or other fittings in same or different diameters. Carbon steel with a thin oxide layer is created at high temperatures, forming a durable layer that requires no further treatment or coating. Since it is black carbon steel and carbon steel is a form of steel containing carbon as a major constituent hence it is resistant to corrosion compared to regular steel.

Value of Money

Connecting all your piping requirements Black carbon steel of 1/2 diameter is ideal for use by plumbers and others who require a nipple pipe. These nipple pipes have been top value and are a good utilization of money 


Specification Value
WEIGHT    0.050
LENGTH X Close (1-1/8")
SHAPE   Nipple
BOXCASE   50/600