Schedule 80 seamless Pipe Nipples

  • Schedule 80 seamless Pipe Nipples

Schedule 80 seamless Pipe Nipples


Top Quality and Reliable Seamless Pipe Nipples

These are our top-of-the-chart seamless pipe nipples for their excellent quality and reliability. These are made of premium material which gives them increased strength and resilience. Our schedule 80 seamless pipe nipples are highly reliable for their material quality and strength. They increase the stability of the pipes when installed with them. 

Innovative Seamless Design Enhance the Look

Our carbon steel-made schedule 80 seamless pipe nipples are perfect to use with pipes present at any place as these seamless pipe nipples do not distort the overall appearance of the pipes. These seamless pipe nipples have female threads at both the ends and are installed in pipes with male threads on the inner side. This type of installation gives very clean and compact-looking pipes with any connections as all these pipe nipples almost hide inside the pipe. Get the best seamless pipe parts and nipples to enhance the overall look of your pipes without compromising on anything. 

Highly Durable and Persistent Structure Seamless Pipe Nipples

Our schedule 80 seamless pipe nipples are very durable as compared to any other pipe nipples. Their persistent structure makes them ensures a leakproof flow of liquid. These are unaffected by any pressure, shock, or vibrations. They work fine with low, high or cyclic changes of temperature. 

Quick Details

Packaging as per customers' requests Minimum Order 200 Piece
Port china Lead Time 15-20

Product Details

PCFS (Chi Thread) is professionally specialized in producing 1/8"- 4" rolled carbon steel pipe nipples