Black Steel Nipple 1/4" Diameter

  • Black Steel Nipple 1/4" Diameter

Black Steel Nipple 1/4" Diameter

Top-Tier Quality Black Steel Nipple for Your Pipes

Our black steel nipple is best to use with black steel pipes, the diameter of this nipple is ¼ which ensures smooth flow of liquids and gases without any interference. The ¼ diameter of our black steel nipple allows it to securely attach with pipes of the same diameter. The quality of this black steel nipple is exceptional.

Corrosion Resistant Black Steel Nipple Parts

Our entire range of dark steel parts and nipples is made of quality material as it doesn’t corrode or rust at any cost. This makes our black steel nipple ideal to be used for the transportation of both liquids and gases safety ensured. No rust would be mixed in the gas or liquid traveling through the pipe as no rust will be formed. 

Compatibility Of Our Black Steel Parts

Our black steel nipples are highly compatible to use with the pipes as they create a secure seal so that nothing can seep out. This black steel nipple ensures zero wastage of your liquids or gases. When attached with the pipe, it creates a very seamless neat look. Highly reliable for their quality and design.  


Specification Value
WEIGHT 0.020
LENGTH X Close (7/8")
SHAPE Nipple
BOXCASE 50/600