Black Steel Nipple 3/8" Diameter

  • Black Steel Nipple 3/8" Diameter

Black Steel Nipple 3/8" Diameter

Prime Quality Black Steel Nipple for Your Pipe

Our black steel nipple is made of high-quality black carbon steel and can be used with black steel pipes. The diameter of this black steel nipple is 3/8 which is very ideal for ensuring smooth flow through the pipes without any blockage. This nipple can only be used with the pipes of the same diameter for building a strong leakproof connection. The threads on this product are carefully made with precise cuts and edges to provide smooth and easy attachments. Our product is made from industrial-grade materials to provide robust performance for both commercial and industrial piping systems. 

High Durability of Our Dark Steel Nipple

All our dark steel parts of 3/8 diameter are durable beyond comparison. Their design and material make them stay firm for years serving their purpose smoothly. Our black steel nipple has a very compact and strong design that helps it hold itself while performing its function. There won’t be any need for repair or replacement once you install our black steel nipple.

Great Impact Resistance of Our Dark Steel Nipple

The hi-tech design and the quality material of our black steel nipple makes it so resilient against any impact. It will stay firm for years, withstanding the impact of vibration, pressure, anything. Its impact resistance is exceptional for its size. It creates a strong seamless seal between itself and the pipe. We also provide our product in all shapes and sizes upon order. Customers who are looking to buy this product for commercial use should opt for a smaller size and customers who are looking to buy this for industrial use should order it in a larger size for better performance. 

Specification Value
WEIGHT 0.030
LENGTH X Close (1")
SHAPE Nipple
BOXCASE 50/600