Galvanized Welded Pipe Nipple

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Shanghai Pan China Fastening System Co., Ltd. specializes in making the Galvanized Welded Pipe Nipple that can be used in various industries. We provide you with this high-quality pipe fitting at a cheap rate as compared with others. Being an eminent Welded Pipe Nipple Manufacturer, we strictly manufacture our products under some quality standards: DIN, BS, ISO, ANSI, API, JIS, etc. These welded nipples have no thread attached to them and are best to use under extreme conditions like vibration, pressure, and change in temperature. These Galvanized Welded Pipe Nipples are not weakened by the cut threads, reducing the wall thickness and weakening the structural strength. The production at ChiThreads of the galvanized nipples involves the Zinc coating, making it a superior rust-resistant product and better for outdoor usage.

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PanChina is your partner for the pipe fittings making your infrastructure look decent and flawless. We are the leading Welded Pipe Nipple Manufacturer in China who offers a wide variety of pipe nipples, and we have a large inventory for you at cheap rates. They are very well suited for above-ground outdoor works as the zinc coating gives more toughness and longevity to the fittings. We only focus on providing the best quality of Galvanized Welded Pipe Nipple that can withstand hot water lines and works best when used with cold water lines. These welded nipples are of superior quality, which increases the life span of your fittings. Our supreme welded nipples have two ends, so to ensure that your fittings are secure, you should always connect the galvanized nipples with galvanized pipe fittings only. PanChina as a high-tech Welded Pipe Nipple Manufacturer, feels proud to serve its customer through the fittings of their buildings with its premium products.