Black Steel Nipple 1-1/4" Diameter

  • Black Steel Nipple 1-1/4" Diameter

Black Steel Nipple 1-1/4" Diameter

Top-Notch Black Steel Nipple for Your Pipe

Our black steel nipple is made of premium quality material which gives it great corrosion-resistant ability. They do not rust which increases their durability by twofold. The diameter of this nipple is 1-1/4 which makes is best suited for the pipes of the same diameter for a strong and seamless connection. Therefore, nothing will leak through the nipple and nothing will be wasted.

Excellent Temperature Resistance of Our Black Steel Nipple

The material of our dark carbon steel nipple makes it resist any temperature. It can be used with cold or hot temperatures and even with the regulating temperatures as it is not affected by any change in the temperature. You can use it for both hot water and cold water supply pipes very easily.

Our Black Steel Nipple Remains Undamaged by Water Damage

Usually pipe nipples experience water damage but our black steel nipple has great resistance to water damage. It remains unaffected by any water damage or water pressure and holds its place firmly. It can resist any impact either internal or external. These qualities make our black steel nipple highly durable and reliable type of nipple for pipes. 


Specification Value
WEIGHT 0.050
LENGTH X Close (1-1/8")
SHAPE Nipple
BOXCASE 50/600