1/8" Heavy Black Barrel Nipple

  • 1/8" Heavy Black Barrel Nipple

1/8" Heavy Black Barrel Nipple

1/8" (6mm) NB barrel nipple in black mild steel

Conforms to the BS EN 10241 standard, previously BS 1387 & BS 1740

Tubular pipe fitting manufactured from heavy steel tube to BS EN 10255

Male BSPT taper threaded ends to ISO 7-1

Minimum length: 32mm

Wall Thickness: 2.0mm


The Essential Connection for Your Industrial Projects

The 1/8" Heavy Black Barrel Nipple is an adaptable and dependable fitting for creating secure connections in various industrial applications.

Key Features:

• Durable Construction: 

Manufactured from heavy-grade mild steel, this nipple offers exceptional strength and resilience, making it suitable for demanding industrial environments. The black finish provides a classic look and enhances corrosion resistance.

• Male BSPT Threads: 

Featuring male British Standard Pipe Taper (BSPT) threads on both ends, the nipple ensures a tight and leak-proof connection with compatible female BSPT threaded pipes, valves, and other fittings.

• Seamless Integration: 

With its standardized dimensions and threads, this nipple seamlessly integrates into existing piping systems, simplifying installation and maintenance.

• Multiple Applications: 

The 1/8" size makes this nipple ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

• Pressure Gauges & Instrumentation: 

Connecting pressure gauges, sensors, and other instrumentation to pressurized systems.

• Pneumatic and Hydraulic Lines: 

Creating secure connections in compressed air and hydraulic fluid lines.

• Pilot Lines & Control Systems: 

Facilitating connections in pilot lines and control systems for various industrial equipment.

• Grease Lines: 

Providing leak-proof connections in lubrication systems.

Benefits of Using 1/8" Heavy Black Barrel Nipples:

• Reliability: 

The robust construction and positive thread connection ensure long-lasting performance and dependable operation.

• Versatility: 

The 1/8" size caters to a broad range of applications, offering a single solution for various needs.

• Leak-Proof Connections: 

The male BSPT threads with a tapered design create a tight seal, minimizing the risk of leaks and ensuring system integrity.

• Easy Installation: 

Standardized dimensions and threads allow for quick and straightforward installation, reducing project downtime.

• Cost-Effective Solution: 

The affordable price point makes this nipple a cost-effective choice for connecting components within your industrial piping systems.


• Material: Heavy-grade Mild Steel

• Finish: Black

• Size: 1/8" Nominal Bore (NB)

• Thread Type: Male BSPT (British Standard Pipe Taper)

Additional Considerations:

• When selecting a 1/8" Heavy Black Barrel Nipple, ensure compatibility with the existing pipe threads and pressure requirements of your system.

• Consider using thread sealant for additional leak prevention, especially in critical applications.

• Always adhere to recommended tightening torques for the specific nipple size and material to ensure proper connection integrity.

Understanding all the features, benefits, and specifications of the 1/8" Heavy Black Barrel Nipple can help you make an informed decision about your projects. This adaptable and dependable fitting offers a reliable and cost-effective solution for creating secure connections in various applications.