1" Heavy Black Barrel Nipple

  • 1" Heavy Black Barrel Nipple

1" Heavy Black Barrel Nipple

1" (25mm) NB barrel nipple in black mild steel

Conforms to the BS EN 10241 standard, previously BS 1387 & BS 1740

Tubular pipe fitting manufactured from heavy steel tube to BS EN 10255

Male BSPT taper threaded ends to ISO 7-1

Minimum length: 60mm

Wall Thickness: 4.1mm


The 1" heavy black barrel nipple is a robust fitting for creating secure pipe connections in industrial and plumbing applications. Its specifications and functionalities:

Key Features

  • Material: 

Malleable iron construction provides superior strength and durability compared to standard steel nipples. It can withstand high pressure and impact.

  • Finish: 

The black iron finish offers a classic look and some level of corrosion resistance. Note: For environments with extreme moisture or harsh chemicals, consider galvanized nipples for better protection.

  • Size: 

The nominal diameter is 1 inch (approximately 25.4mm). This refers to the pipe's internal diameter the nipple is designed to connect.

  • Thread Type: 

Typically features Male (M) BSPT (British Standard Pipe Thread) threads on both ends. These tapered threads create a secure, leak-proof connection. Double-check thread compatibility with your specific pipes before purchase.

  • Wall Thickness: 

"Heavy" denotes an increased wall thickness compared to standard nipples. This translates to additional strength for applications with high pressure or mechanical stress. Specific wall thickness details may vary depending on the manufacturer.


  • Industrial Piping: 

A popular choice for air, gas, water, and oil lines within industrial settings due to its robust build.

  • Plumbing Systems: 

Can be suitable for low-pressure water lines, irrigation systems, and compressed air applications in non-residential plumbing.

  • Furniture Building: 

Black iron's industrial aesthetic can be used to create furniture legs, handrails, or other structural elements. Important Note: Ensure structural calculations confirm the nipple's suitability for weight-bearing applications.


  • Pressure Rating: 

While "heavy" signifies increased strength, consult the manufacturer's specifications for the nipple's specific pressure rating. This will guide you to the maximum pressure the nipple can handle safely.

  • Temperature Rating: 

Similarly, check the temperature rating to ensure the nipple fits the intended application's temperature range.

  • Length: 

While this page focuses on the general specifications, 1" heavy black barrel nipples come in various lengths. Choose the length that precisely fits your project requirements.

  • Thread Sealant: 

Apply an appropriate thread sealant during installation to ensure a leak-proof connection.