Industrial Grade Galvanized Steel Pipe Parts

If you are looking for a high-quality gas or corrosive liquid proof pipe, this is the best you can ever get. Our galvanized pipes are manufactured to be used in industrial areas as well as home and other residential areas. These pipe fittings are available in all sizes upon order. These pipe fittings are more durable than any other steel pipes because they are manufactured using high-quality materials, making them reliable and mainly used by industries. These pipes are covered with zinc coating, which protects against acidic materials and liquid.

Best for Your Everyday Use

Although these pipes are made for industrial projects and factory use, you can also use them for your home. These high quality galvanized nipple fittings provide the best pipes fittings for your home because they are leak proof and corrosion-proof.

Great alternative for Lead pipe lines

Most people use and install lead pipes in their homes, but lead pipes do not last much longer and always started to break in upon 2 years, which is why we provide galvanized pipes, the best and perfect alternative of lead pipes for your homes and industrial use.

Benefits You Get from Buying These Pipes Parts

They are economical in cost compared to other pipes and require a lot less maintenance even under a long-term use. They have one of the best a most rigid coatings you will ever find on a pipe fitting, making them more durable and reliable for long-term usage. Due to its zinc coating, it is really hard for these pipes to catch rust, making them suitable for all types of environments and weather conditions. Our pipes are built to last for decades and are made only using some o the finest quality raw materials.

Quick Details

Packaging as per customers' requests Minimum Order 200 Piece
Port china Lead Time 15-20

Product Details

1.    The dia: 1/8 inch - 4 inch (DN6 to DN100;
2.    The length: The close to pipe length, i.e. 6 meters to 12 meters;
3.    The pipe material: Seamless and welded carbon steel;
4.    The finishing of the pipe: The galvanized and the black;
5.    The Thread Standard: NPT, BSPT, DIN & RUSSIAN;