Galvanized black steel pipe nipple 4"

  • Galvanized black steel pipe nipple 4"
  • Galvanized black steel pipe nipple 4"

Galvanized black steel pipe nipple 4"

Most Common and Durable Type of Pipe Fittings

These pipe fittings are mostly using in the transportation of liquid and gas and are coated with zinc to provide extra durability against corrosion. These pipes are perfect for any house or commercial use. They can also be used as a scaffolding frame because of their high durability. These pipes are used as underground pipelines in industrial-based applications and areas. They work best for both hot and cold water lines and their zinc coating protects them from mineral deposits that will block the pipe.

These Pipes Can Be Used for The Transportation of Gasses

Construction areas and industrial areas use these pipes to transfer gasses and liquids to other areas. These pipes can also be used for a fire sprinkler system inside a room or apartment to prevent fire. These pipes have exceptional flexibility depending on the customer needs, they are mostly used where more disturbance is involved. Commercial buildings use these pipes because of their flexibility and thermo-plastic characteristics for ease in jacket installation. At present several manufacturers are making the springs that is being used as a replacement to traditional reinforced steel structures.

These galvanized pipe fittings have been found very useful where they can be used absorbing all types of pressure, mostly during earthquakes or other types of mechanical issues involving high gash flow. They have plastic-like properties which allow them to be shaped at any angle, these pipe fittings are also used to protect vulnerable potable water piping in public health facilities. These pipes have been found suitable for highly stressed retention applications and other non-return female installations.

We Deliver These Pipe Fittings In All Shapes And Sizes

Being one of the best and leading wholesaler in the international market we provide all our products in custom shapes and sizes for our customers upon order. Don't hesitate to click on the inquire now button placed on the website to order from us. You can inquire about any shape and size from us and we will deliver it to your required destinations. These pipe fittings carry some essential accessories and other materials that customers need to install the pipes. For custom-shaped dimensions, we have our trained engineers in-house who will collaborate with customers to provide their requirements. The visual inspection is one of the most critical assessment processes during the manufacturing process whether it's a pipe or fitting, this inspection must be perfect so that any faults can be spotted on time for ETA or by the time of dispatch. These pipe fittings meet high-quality ratings and standards for water networks.


Specification Value
LENGTH X Close (7/8")
SHAPE Nipple
BOX 25