1/8” – 4” Black Malleable Iron Male/Female 90° Elbow Fitting

  • 1/8” – 4” Black Malleable Iron Male/Female 90° Elbow Fitting

1/8” – 4” Black Malleable Iron Male/Female 90° Elbow Fitting

1/8” – 4” Black Malleable Iron Male/Female 90° Elbow Fitting

90° Elbows are commonly used fittings, used to alter the direction in piping systems. The 1/8” – 4” Male/Female 90° Elbow is used in air conditioning, plant engineering, gas lines and lubricant pipework. This elbow is made from black malleable cast iron (EN1562), also available in galvanised finish.


  • 90° Elbow Fitting
  • ISO 7-1 Connection
  • Sizes 1/8” – 4”
  • Male BSPT thread to Female BSPP thread



BS EN 10242

Connection Type:

ISO 7-1 (Taper/Parallel)


Cast Iron (EN1562)

Zinc Coating:




Panchina range of malleable cast iron fittings offer the perfect solution for air, water, oil, gas installations. Highly durable and temperature resistant, all our malleable cast iron fittings are manufactured in accordance with the current ISO 49 and EN10242 standards

Benefits of malleable cast iron fittings:

- Corrosion retarding and reinforced (free outrunning) internal threads
design for the most common articles
- Narrow threads with precise axial alignment ensure high sealing
forces and exact pipe lining
- High grade material with best galvanisability
- Drinking water friendly, galvanising with high pure zinc, and
preserving against rust
- Ideal for anaerobic sealing
- Special tested fittings for high pressures above 25 bar

Ideal applications for malleable cast iron fittings:

- Sanitary, heating and gas installation
- Cooling and air conditioning
- Sprinkler and gas fire extinguishing systems
- Construction of industrial plants (e.g. gas, emulsion and pressured
air pipe work)
- Machine construction
- Construction of petrol stations
- Machines for paper production and printing machines
- Commercial vehicle construction

Make confident pipe turns with our durable black malleable iron 90° elbow fittings!

These versatile fittings are ideal for changing the flow direction in your piping system. They're available in various sizes to suit your application needs, from compact 1/8" to large diameter 4" options.

Here's what makes our 90° elbow fittings the perfect choice:

• Strong and dependable: 

Manufactured from black malleable iron for superior strength and durability.

• Leak-proof connections: 

Male/female threaded connections (BSPT) ensure a tight, secure seal to prevent leaks.

• Rust resistance: 

The black finish offers added protection against corrosion and is ideal for water, gas, and oil applications.

• Easy to install: 

Threaded connections allow for quick and hassle-free installation.

• Wide range of applications: 

It suits air conditioning, plant engineering, gas lines, lubricant pipework, and other industrial settings.


• Air conditioning systems

• Plant process piping

• Gas lines (with proper pressure rating)

• Low-pressure oil lines

• Water lines (galvanized option recommended for long-term use with water)

• Conduit systems (depending on local codes)

Available sizes:

 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 3", and 4".

Need help choosing the right size or have questions about our 90° elbow fittings?

Our customer service team is happy to assist you.

Order your 1/8" – 4" black malleable iron 90° elbow fittings today and experience the difference in quality and reliability! Contact us today!