Pipe Nipples: Rolling Thread vs Cutting Edge Technology!

When it comes to the industry of plumbing and pipefitting, we often come across a widely used product in this industry, that is known as the Rolling thread pipe, although most of us are familiar with the importance of these important pieces of hardware very few of us are familiar with what exactly they are. Rolling threaded pipe nipples are short pieces of pipe with ends that are externally threaded. They are used as an extension in order to provide a connection at the ends of fittings. 

What is rolling thread technology?

Considering thread rolling is a type of threading process that includes the deformation of metal stock by making it roll through dies. As a result of this process, there is a formation of the threads on the external side of the metal stock. The same method is applied in order to make the threads over the iterant surface of the metal stock. This process is known as the process of thread formation.

What is cutting edge technology?

Considering cutting edge technology, it is considered to be the most advanced form of information technology that refers to all types and kinds of technological devices, techniques and achievements that have the most advanced and most recent, high-level IT developments. This advanced type of technology is being used in the industries to incorporate cutting the edges, especially the ones that are connected to smart devices. It is used in places where intense carving is required.

What is the main difference between both of them?

A lot of experts and professionals often don’t go into this detail but when it comes to the threaded parts it is highly important to know the difference in both types, in order to make the selection process easier. 

When a thread is created using the method of rolling, it is the process of cold forming as a blank piece of metal stock is passed between the hard plates of steel or the round dies. However, the cutting-edge threads are formed by cutting away the material from the blank.

 Which one is better for you to buy

Although both the processes are used around the world when it comes to the formation of threaded nipples however there are certain factors that one might want to consider;

1. Rolling thread is a cost-effective process for high volume production, whereas cutting edge is a process that is cost-effective in the case of low volume production. 

2. With the cutting edge process the accuracy is high compared to the rolling thread. 

3. Both the options are ideally used for hollow structures like pipes.


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