Pipe Nipples- Adding ease in the industry of plumbing!

Regarding plumbing and pipelines, pipe nipples are an essential component used worldwide. However, we are often not familiar with the fact that most of us are not familiar with it, as these pipe nipples come in various types depending upon the type of connection they need to form. Although these pipe nipples may look very much similar to one another, when we have a closer look, they all are pretty different. This makes it difficult to realize which one to use according to the task. However, a brief study about the details of these pipe nipples would be helpful to know about them and select the best kind of pipe nipples that we require according to our needs. But before we go through the types of pipe nipples, it is essential to know what exactly pipe nipples are.

Do you know what a Pipe Nipple is?

A pipe nipple is a short pipe used for plumbing and fitting pipelines. More often, the pipe nipples are usually provided with a male pipe thread that is often connected at the end of each pipe nipple. These pipe nipples are then attached to the pipelines so that they are screwed, forming a watertight seal that does not allow any leakage. The more tightly the pipe nipples are screwed, the tighter the bond is formed. Pipe nipples often come up to the length of 12 inches and over. They are also referred to as ready-cut pipes, as the threaded specifications are almost similar. 

Carbon Steel Black Pipe Nipples

Black Pipe fittings wholesaler makes it as seamless and ideal option for gas transportation and fire sprinkler systems as they have a high resistivity to heat. It also possesses a property of resistance to water damage. It possesses a darker outer layer over the surface formed due to iron oxide accumulation during manufacturing.

This is also known as galvanization; the main difference between a steel pipe and a galvanized pipe is the surface; steel pipes usually have a shiny, uncoated, silver texture, whereas a galvanized pipe has a dark, black surface. It may seem similar to a black steel pipe nipple, but it is not because the black steel pipe nipple has an uncoated surface made without steam; this is why it is used for gasses like propane and natural gasses for residential and commercial uses.

Types of Pipe nipples

Various types of these pipe nipples exist; some of these types are:

• Barrel Pipe Nipple

• T.O.E Pipe Nipple

• Weld Pipe Nipple

• Close Pipe Nipple

• Shoulder Pipe Nipple

• Hex Pipe Nipple

• Right-Left Hand Pipe Nipple

• Swage Pipe Nipple

• Seamless Pipe Nipple

• Grooved Pipe Nipples

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