How To Choose The Best Galvanized Welded Pipe Nipple?

Choosing a pipe nipple or any other pipe fitting isn’t a big deal, but the quality of these fittings and nipples can determine the life of the material and how these fittings will work on the applied system or project. In this article, we reviewed every aspect of Galvanized Pipe parts and Nipples.

What Is a Galvanized Welded Pipe Nipple?

A small piece of fitting used for connecting two ends of a fitting is generally known as a Pipe Nipple, and if that pipe nipple has welding ribs on the inner wall, It’s a welded pipe nipple. So, what does that means by Galvanized?

Galvanized means (metal coated with a protective layer of zinc).

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• Material/Element of The Pipe Nipple:

• Length Of the Pipe Fitting:

• Price Of the Welded Pipe Nipple:

• Wall Thickness/Diameter of The Welded Pipe Nipple:

• End Connection of The Pipe Nipple:

Material/Element Of The Pipe Nipple

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The material of which the fitting is made up tell the quality, life, and how the fitting work. A good quality welded pipe nipple can undergo extreme conditions and bear high pressure. Usually, welded pipe nipples are used for pressure up to 10 MPa to 1500 MPa.

Length Of The Pipe Fitting

A pipe nipple is one of the minor pieces of a pipe, and a welded pipe nipple generally comes in 1/8 to 12’’. You need to get all your pipe nipples of equal size, a tiny change in the length of those fittings can increase the length of your overall pipe fitting.

Price Of The Welded Pipe Nipple

The price of the fittings also plays a crucial role when buying Zinc-Coated Welded Pipe Nipples; usually, these things are not super expensive. However, the cost of the nipples and fittings is determined according to the material they’re made. Getting an affordable price quote can help you to be in your overall project budget.

Wall Thickness/Diameter Of The Welded Pipe Nipple

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The diameter or the wall thickness of a welded pipe nipple determines the overall weight of the fitting. Typically, these fittings come in various diameters, and it depends on your need. The thicker the wall of the nipple fitting is, the more pressure it can bear. These welded pipe nipples measure in three sizes;

 STD - Standard 

 XS - Extra Strong 

 XXS - Double Extra Strong

End Connection Of The Pipe Nipple

End connection means the shape of both ends of the pipe nipple. There are various end connections, and the consumer can also order their custom end connection shape of the pipe nipple. There are six standard end connections:

• Plain Both Ends (PBE)

• Plain One End (POE)

• Threaded Both Ends (TBE)

• Threaded One End (TOE)

• Beveled Both Ends (BBE)

• Beveled One End (BOE)

Different Types of Pipe Nipples

There are around five standard types of Pipe Nipples, but you can also make your custom pipe nipple according to your need.

Close Nipple: These nipples are also known as Running nipples. It is the most standard type of pipe fitting, having male threads at both ends of the nipple. Pipes have plain heads, so the connecting pipes are connected tightly. Typically, Close nipples or running nipples use for permeant connection because they’re so hard to unscrew.

Welding Nipple: Are also used for permanent connection because welding nipples have one threading end and one plain end so that the connecting pipe can weld together with the fitting. 

Hose Nipple: The most commonly used nipple in daily life. It contains a thread head at one end, and the other end has a hose bard at the other end. It is used for connecting a tube to the main pipe.   

Reducing Nipple: Also known as unequal nipple, it has two different diameters on both ends so that you can attach two different-sized pipes.  

Hexagonal Nipple: Are looks like a pipe nipple having a nut between the two ends of the fitting pipe. The purpose of this nipple is to provide a nut head so you can easily unscrew the nipple with a wrench. 

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